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Jo Phillips Presentation and Takeaways

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of hosting Jo Phillips for an engaging presentation on starting conversations with kids about social media. Our grade 6-8 students spent their morning in an engaging presentation with Jo. Later that evening parents from across the division had the opportunity to have some lively discussion and hear Jo's insights.

Jo referenced some fantastic documents during her session, and we encourage all parents to take a peek. They're packed with tips and strategies to navigate the digital landscape safely and smartly.


Letter Home for Kids - this can be used for kids who want to talk with their parents but aren't sure how to get the convo started

Discussion Prompts - this is for teachers who might want to continue the conversation in their classrooms

6 Ways to Help Kids With Their Device - this is a short support resource for parents that offers a kid's perspective. This can be sent to parents, or used in newsletters/social media content. Please credit Jo Phillips or tag JoOutLoud.

Support For Parents  - kids will be excited to have a social media conversation at home. This resource is to help adults understand the kid's perspective and support the conversation.. 

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